I am pleased to report that there are a lot of Tuttles on the Internet.


The Tuttle name is probably taken from the name of a locality in England. Tuttle may be derived from the word Tuthill, meaning a conical hill, of remote antiquity in England. Nevertheless, I am not descended from the Tuttles who came to America in the 1630's, nor I am not descended from Peter Tuttle who came to America in 1680, nor I am not descended from J. M. Tuttle, born in 1861 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

I am not related to anyone at the firm of Hewitt & Tuttle which once employed John D. Rockefeller at $3.50 a week.


I am in the insurance business, and there are lots of Tuttles also in the insurance business such as Tuttle & Traina Insurance Agency in Massachusetts, Wollam Insurance Agency whose president is William Tuttle, Joan Tuttle Insurance Agency, Tuttle & Cromer Insurance Agency, The Tuttle Insurance Agency, and Tuttle and Williams Agency; but none of them is related to me.

It won't help to use my name to get a job through the Tuttle (employment) Agency.

Many Tuttles have their own businesses. I am not associated with any of the many Tuttle Funeral Homes such as the one in NJ.

I'm glad to see the Tuttles have their own publishing company.

I am not associated with the Tuttle Construction firm of Lima, Ohio.


I have never been to Tuttle, Oklahoma, but there seems to be a lot going on there, including the Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

I also have not been to the Tuttle school in Florida, Minnesota, or North Carolina; or the Mall at Tuttle Crossing in Ohio.

However, I have been to the Tuttle dorm at the University of Virginia, named after Albert Tuttle who chaired the biology department there from 1888 to 1913.


I am not related to 1950's and 1960's major leaguer Bill Tuttle, a great defensive centerfielder for Detroit, Kansas City, and Minnesota. He later crusaded against chewing tobacco, which claimed his life.

Perry Tuttle was an all-American wide receiver football player at Clemson, and played pro football for ten years.

The great hockey player Steve Tuttle.

Who wouldn't want to go bowling at Tuttle's Bowling Bar and Grill?

I root for the Tuttle Tigers in slow-pitch softball.

And some day I hope to enjoy a beer called, amazingly, Tuttle's Brew, made by who else - the Tuttle Brewing Co.

If I had had a Callaway Tuttle putter, my golf career would have been different ...


In Seinfeld Episode 72 "The Barber," Mr. Tuttle interviews George for a job but George wasn't sure if Tuttle hired him or not so George shows up at the office anyway while Tuttle is on vacation. George works on the Pensky file, and later threatens to go to work for Pensky, even though Tuttle scoffs,"You're not Pensky material." It turns out Pensky couldn't hire him because the board of directors had been indicted.

I am not related to actress Lurene Tuttle, who acted in numerous movies and TV shows.

In M*A*S*H episode 15, Hawkeye invents a fictitious Captain Tuttle and donates his salary to an orphanage. Interestingly, Tuttle" was listed in the credits as playing himself.

John Candy was Tom Tuttle in Volunteers.

In "Who's Minding the Store," Jerry Lewis is in love with Jill St. John, who plays an elevator operator at Tuttle's Department Store.

I am not related to Cameron Tuttle who writes about bad girls.

Although I was in the Navy, I did not achieve the rank of Admiral, as did Retired Navy Vice Admiral Jerry Tuttle, who is no relation.

I am no relation to anyone who is the president of a college such as Elaine Tuttle Hansen, president of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

Astronomer Horace Tuttle has comets and asteroids named after him.

Although Henry Flagler is called the father of Miami, Julia Tuttle is called the mother of Miami.

I am not related to country singer Jerry Tuttle.

I am certainly not related to any Tuttle who is an all-tie leading golf scorer as a golf nut.

I am not related to Richard S. Tuttle, who has been described as one of this century's leading authors of innovative fantasy tales.

I am not related to tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle.

I am not related to chess player Dan Tuttle

There is a Tuttle group on Facebook called "Tuttle's of the World Unite!!", but you have to be a member of facebook to join.

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