The following question has bugged me for 18 years. People on the Internet have given me numerous answers!

See if you can answer this. You may check the answer I have.

The question is: What is another team nickname (for example, YANKEES is a nickname) that does not end in S, other than SOX, SOX, JAZZ, from among the four sports of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, in major professional leagues only (no college, minor league, Canadian or USFL football, Continental Basketball, etc.), from the early 1970s or previously (no MAGIC, AVALANCHE, etc.)?

Here are the answers I have.

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And on a slightly different note: I have always thought the greatest all around baseball player was Babe Ruth. He hit for average besides his home runs, and he must have been a pretty good pitcher - he won 94 games. As a combination pitcher-hitter, who is even close?

Anyway, I was wondering if the Babe still held any single season records, and it turns out not only does he, but these are records no modern player seems to come close to breaking. How many can you name? Then check the list