What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in math, besides teach? Well, actually you can’t teach – unless you have the appropriate education credits, student teaching, Praxis exam, license, etc. There’s a lesson here: there are not many bachelor’s level jobs just doing math problems and proving theorems. Generally the jobs are in solving business problems, or computer problems, or in some specific application. So don’t just look for jobs in math - broaden your search and look for other careers.

    And expect that somewhere along the way – probably after you land that first job – you will have to learn the specific application. My application is insurance, and I have taken over 30 courses in insurance and related subjects, all after my math degree.

Here are a few general resources for math majors:

American Mathematical Society – Early Career Profiles: Recent bachelor’s-level graduates in the mathematical sciences

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Occupational Outlook Handbook

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics – Careers & Jobs – When Will I use Math?

    If you search a general employment website and enter Math as a keyword, you may find careers like the following:


Business analyst

Cost estimator

Credit risk modeling analyst


Data analyst

Finance: financial analyst, investment banking

Insurance underwriter

Market research analyst


Quantitative analyst

Software engineer


Survey researchers

Systems analyst

Technical writing

Transportation analyst

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