(THROUGH 2005)

Although Babe Ruth's single season records for home runs, walks, and slugging percentage have been surpassed, in 1921 and 1923 Babe had incredible seasons for singles, doubles and triples besides home runs. In 1921 he had 204 hits; 44 doubles; 16 triples; and 59 homers. Other than homers, each of these stats is way ahead of Barry Bonds in his great 2001 season. Therefore, Babe still holds the following single season records, which may never be passed:

· Most extra base hits: 119 in 1921; among active players Barry Bonds is closest with 107 in 2001.

· Total bases: 457 in 1921 (this is defined as singles + 2Xdoubles + 3Xtriples + 4Xhomers); among active players Sammy Sosa is closest with 425 in 2001.

· Most runs scored (excluding pre-1900 players): 177 in 1921; among active players Jeff Bagwell is closest with 152 in 2000.

· Number of times on base: 379 in 1923; among active players Barry Bonds is closest with 376 in 2004.

Not only was Babe the greatest home run hitter of his time, he was so far above everybody else that he holds these single season records:

· Ruth outhomered every opposing team in the league in 1920 & 1927.

· Largest home run margin in a season compared to runner-up in home runs for that season: 35 in 1920 and again in 1921.

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